The Joys of Lazy Days

The past week and a half, I have traded in productivity for a wee bit of leisurely enjoyment. With classes done and no exams for another few weeks, it has been a time of galavanting rather than work. My flatmates all emptied out to go adventuring around Europe, so I’ve had the flat to myself for the past week. I really love living alone– I know some people hate being in solitude, especially at night, but there is something about it that I find quite nice. The best part is definitely being able to drink milk straight from the carton. Hands down. I would venture to assert that are few more satisfying actions than drinking milk from the jug. A bold claim, I know, but I’m standing by it. Sure, there are downsides to solo living, like the water heater in the hall closet which, at night, makes a sound exactly like ragged, measured breathing. Not my favourite sound to walk by at 2 am, but honestly, the joy of jug-milk outweighs potential closet-murder. Totally worth it.

Additionally, I have been having copious amounts of slumber parties on my kitchen floor. At night, we play Risk and drink rum and play cards and listen to battle music and Frightened Rabbit, until we fall asleep in a pile of blankets, bodies, and air mattresses on the cold linoleum. We wake mid afternoon, smudged and hungry, and the stove sputters to life as I make pancakeggs. What, may you ask, are pancakeggs? Only the best invention to ever revolutionize breakfast! Okay, less of an invention and more of an aesthetic rearrangement of things that already exist. But still, they’re fantastic. Promise.

Waking to a sleepy, 4pm breakfast of Pancakeggs
How to make Pancakeggs:
1. Make pancakes. Stack them.
2. Scramble eggs.
3. With an overturned glass, cut a hole down the center of the pancake stack.
4. Fill pancake pit with eggs.
5. Garnish with a few slices of fruit.
6. Top with syrup, jam, etc.

The boys and I now have grand dreams of opening a diner that serves exclusively things-inside-of-pancakes. We’ll have regular competitions where we offer unfilled pancakes and patrons can come bearing potential fillings. The winner will get their recipe added to the menu and named in their honour. The name of the restaurant would undoubtedly have to be something punny (suggestions are more than welcome– every imaginary restaurant needs a good name).

Sometimes little dreams like those make my heart twitch a little, remembering how little time I actually have left. But it’s important not to think about that. It may seem like I’m slightly over-enthusiastic about pancakeggs, but it’s not the food itself that matters to me (though it is freakin’ delicious). It’s what it represents– these perfect nights and mornings, the people I share them with, the way it feels to wake with messy hair and tangled blankets in a pile of friends, tabletops sticky with spilled drinks, playing cards strewn about the room.

Anyway, I want to see the pancakegg craze catch on. Any reader that makes pancakeggs (or anything inspired by pancakeggs) and sends me a photo ( will have the picture featured on this blog. Do it. Lets start a breakfast revolution.






  1. Candace says:

    Hullo! I’m thinking about studying at the University of Edinburgh for spring semester, and I’ve been enjoying your blog immensely! I wanted to ask you though, how did you get involved in theatre at Edinburgh? Did you act? Can you recommend any process for a Canadian exchange student to get involved in theatre at Edin Uni–especially one who, like you, loves writing for the theatre? Let me know!

    1. ggennarose says:

      The best way to get involved is go to Bedlam Theatre during Freshers Week and sign up for Freshers Play, or if you are starting in the second semester, go get involved in Bedfest in January. These are both big events aimed at drawing new members into the student-run theatre, and a perfect way to start off. However, you can also just show up during any open audition, and talk to people/audition/offer to help with tech, etc.

      1. Delia says:

        Hello, I am studying abroad this year from Australia, and I actually did do freshers play and it was lovely! I’m not sure where to go from here–coming in as a third year, I feel like it’s hard to break in to the theatre groups. It probably just takes time, but did you feel immediately at home at Bedlam? Did you do tech, or act in any of the later shows?

      2. ggennarose says:

        That’s great, I’m jealous– I wish I could have helped out at Freshers’ play this year, all my friends were running it. Anyway, you are right about it being difficult to break into Bedlam, especially as a third year. I didn’t do tech, but that is a surefire way to get involved. They always are looking for more techies. There are also other theatre groups, such as Relief Theatre (talk to Callum O’Dwyer, who runs it. He’s around Bedlam a lot), Theatre Paradok (more experimental, movement based stuff), Footlights (big musicals), and Shakespeare Society. Basically, hang around a lot and offer to help out, and the more people get to know you the more at home you’ll feel.

      3. Delia says:

        Thanks so much! I am sure that it takes time. Did you write through Bedlam? Is that a possibility? I am definitely feeling more and more at home every day, and it seems like next semester there will be even more to look forwards to. Hearing about your experience in theater makes me feel that it’s possible to get involved and have a great time. Since I am studying almost exactly the same thing as you back home in Australia, your advice is max relevant.

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