London Holiday

Monday 5 March 2012

Term II: London Holiday

Friday: WOO! Today is the day I leave for London. Super excited, it will be nice to have a change of scenery and a break. Though as I sit at my desk frantically trying to type up my notes for my essays that are due on March 19, I am sort of regretting my decision to go, mostly just because I feel so behind on my essay preparation and the time is really starting to zip by (as my dad reminded me this morning at about half midnight: “two weeks until I’m there!” unfortunately that means two weeks until my essays are due!!!). It is so unbelievably stressful studying abroad (well for some, for others it is just something that looks good on a resume and is a chance to travel around ), there is the pressure to do well in classes but there is also the pressure of traveling around and visiting family if they live near where you are studying. Bugger I really thought I had this down, now I fear I will get further behind on my essay research (I don’t even have a rough idea of what I am going to write for any of them) and once again get terribly behind on my blogs because for the next few weeks I will be working on my essays and then just be burned out from them and never want to type anything again. At least I will be doing some traveling to exotic places with my dad the weekend directly after my essays are due, so that will be a nice way to recover.

Sunday: Part of the reason I was looking forward to going to London is the shopping (hey no matter what people say I am still a girl and I stereotypically enjoy to shop). So when my uncle told me on Saturday that he would probably have to work some on Sunday, I was pretty excited because I would get a chance to head down to Piccadilly, Regent St. and Oxford Circus for a few hours of shopping minus the Christmas crowds that I had to fight through the last time I was there.

We spent the morning together having coffee; he made a delicious breakfast of Huevos Rancheros (my favourite Mexican dish) and going for a walk in St. James Park. The day was dark and rainy but finally, convinced that he wouldn’t be able to wait out the rain, half one he headed to the office and I headed to the shops- despite the crummy weather, I was a woman on a mission! Before browsing the stores I stopped for a quick lunch so that I would have the energy to walk and shop starting at Piccadilly and ending at the giant Primark near Oxford Circus at the Marble Arch (near a half hour walk without shopping). At the start of my shopping mission I was unsuccessful and I was convinced that it would end up like all the others with hours and energy spent to the max and nothing to show for it, but then I went into Forever 21 found a cute dress for less than nine pounds and after that things went uphill. By the end of the day I had found a dress, a shirt (one that Lindsay has and that I have admired and loved for so long that when I saw it on sale I had to get it), a jumper, and three very cute and sexy pairs of knickers from the lingerie store La Senza. This knicker purchase was influenced by a conversation that I had had with Laura and Ghaz a few days before while we were all looking at and discussing the latest Cosmo, which had a bit on lingerie which got us talking about the lingerie dilemma. We felt that lingerie is one of those things that needs and audience and that if you are single and only snogging then there is no chance to show it off. But then we finally decided that whether we had an audience (i.e. men) or not what really mattered is that we enjoy our own lingerie and it is secondly important if a man gets the chance to enjoy it as well. So as I passed La Senza (which I have avoiding going in for months because I still have it in my head that I am too young or that I don’t belong in there) I stopped in the rain and said to myself: “you are a 21 year old woman damnit!” and marched in feeling cool and confident. I obviously have some serious issues but regardless it was a good day that was ended with a lovely dinner out at Brown’s.

Monday: This morning when I got up a 5:19am to catch my 7am train I was sad; this was my last visit to my uncle’s and even though I had only been there twice (Christmas and this last visit) I have come to consider it home. As I’ve been in uni my concept of ‘home’ has changed from being a specific geographical location to any place where there are people whom I love and who love me in return (unfortunately I am talking about ‘the home is where the heart is’ syndrome; ugh I’ve gotten to the point where my life discoveries are starting to make me ill). So my uncle’s in London is home, my mom’s in California is home because that is where she is (other than that I’m not a big fan of Southern California), my flat in Edinburgh is home (which is a big step because for the past two years at my home institute, even though I live there, I refused to call it my home – there was a bit of a blip in this first term second year but ignoring that- it was school nothing else) and Lindsay, Laura, and Ghaz are my adopted family (I told Ghaz she should introduce her academic dad to her flat mother – there is elaboration on this in earlier blogs). The only place that is starting to lose its home feeling is the one place that for so many years of my life felt like the only home and save haven that I had; the house that I grew up in in my hometown. This is probably due to my lack of a presence there in the past few years, the longest I’ve been there is about a month in the past two years and all the other time I have been traveling or my dad has been working in a different location, so it has lost its ‘homeness’ a bit. This may be partially why my feelings about returning home are so confused, that and until the first of August I will be jumping from my hometown to my university, spending no more than a month in either. So as I left my home in London, though I was sad I was soothed by the fact that I had people waiting for me and missing me at home in Edinburgh.

When my train got in at 11:25 I considered stopping by my flat to drop my stuff off before my noon class but then just chose to go straight to class, which ended up being a good plan because even though I was rather early I remembered upon my arrival at David Hume Tower that I needed to pick up my graded essay that I had turned in a few weeks ago. I had also considered just ditching my lecture but thought better of it and I am so happy that I went because the lecture was fantastic! At first when the little English man walked in and started to talk in confusing, incomplete, and incoherent sentences I was convinced that I had made the wrong decision but as the class went on I changed my mind. The lecture was on J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan and the lecturer was a hoot because he would just actively walk around the whole room talking excitedly. This was the first Scottish lit. lecture I have had this whole year in which I did not want to fall asleep; he just had so much energy, it was awesome! Though most of the rest of the students didn’t seem to enjoy it half as much as me; when the lecturer would make his way up into the back rows they would look away so intently as if they were ignoring him¸ to be honest I was a bit sickened. He was a bit intense though, since I sit in the front row he would just come up to where I was sitting a lot and just look at me, in the eyes, intently it was crazy intense. It was entertaining though because half way through he mentioned that a few years back he was named as one of the ten professors who is something, like there lectures are most intense or something, and he was so high on the list that people actually thought he was mad! Can’t imagine where they got that from.