Term II: Week II

Sunday 29 January 2012

Blog III Term II: Week II

So at the beginning of this my second week’s blog I am going to speed to Wednesday, not the day but rather the night, because my fantastic flatmates just reminded me of the unfortunate incident that occurred about eight that night (and I had just forgotten about it). So as I have probably previously mentioned I am very much attracted to my flatmate, Ghaz’s, academic father but since the only time I ever interacted with him was when he carried Ghaz back after a drunken medical ‘family night’ when he was a bit tipsy himself, I haven’t gotten a chance to get to know him let alone flirt with him. But on Wednesday Ghaz came up with this perfect plan: so the boy in question whom I will from here on out name…Pulse (for reasons that I desire not to explain) was coming over to collect some extra halal that Ghaz had offered him and she decided that it would be perfect to leave me in the flat alone to give the meat to him (very primal indeed, luring a man into the flat with meat). What didn’t fit into her perfect plan (which honestly it was a very good plan) was me. Ugh there is always a time in a girl’s life in which she discovers that despite her better sense and perfectly laid plan due to her ridiculous attraction to a certain man she will fumble and drop the boiling water right over her head at which point it will boil and burn her skin so that she is stuck with the unpleasant memory for weeks to follow. Anyway, back to the story. So as the time ticked by and I waited anxiously in my room watching Angels & Demons coughing and sniffling every two seconds (I had just come down with a yucky throat cold the day before), I sat going over and over in my head what I should do when he arrived. I had the perfect plan: I would answer the door and ask to come in while I retrieved the meat from the freezer at which point he would enter and we would probably pass a few words, if nothing more we would finally have a formal introduction, and then I would give him the meat and he would thank me, smile and be on his way, leaving me floating on a cloud of happy because now he knew who I was. I know it is a good plan, annoyingly and unfortunately I did not follow it and by the time I had changed my mind it was too late. What actually ended up happening was: when he buzzed to be let in the building I leapt from my bed (even in my sick state) and ran to buzz him in, I then proceeded to panic and convinced myself that having him come in would annoy him better to just have the meat ready at the door (*hit head against desk repeatedly*). So I ventured to the kitchen and retrieved the Tesco bag full of halal, but then I stopped and almost put it away but then ignored my better judgement and exited the kitchen at which point I heard the elevator doors opening and a second later the doorbell screamed throughout the flat, sending my heart into my stomach (yes it fell with anxiety rather than flew with excitement). I quickly ran to open the door and there in the appallingly pink hallway stood my tall dark and handsome dream carrying the cool fresh air from outside on his coat and just looking…amazing. This was the point during which my mind was screaming, crap crap crap crap!! Actually to be completely honest my mind was so blank that it’s difficult to believe that it was my voice that greeted him and my arm that handed him the bag (this happens every time I see him, the surrounding world melts away and all I can see or remember is him, bugger). Things only got worse; when he said hi I swear my heart stopped, his voice was so much deeper than I remember and there was so much warmth in the greeting and what did I do!? I just handed the bag of meat to him even though it seemed he was about to say something else and sent him on his way! Two minutes and the moment of truth was gone, a blink of the eye and it could’ve been missed. Oh wasted opportunities!

So that was probably…possibly the most exciting thing that happened to me this week. Monday and Tuesday nothing really happened, or rather, I can’t really remember either day due to the haze that came over my brain on Wednesday due to my cold. But for good measure I will say something on each day. On Monday I turned in my essay that I had known about since early December and hadn’t started until the Saturday before it was due; like I told my parents: I reserve the right to do poorly on this essay. In my Scottish lit. class the lecture talked about The Testament of Cresseid by Robert Henryson, which is Henryson’s twist on Chaucer’s Troilus & Cresseyde in which Cresseid is ditched by the man that she left Troilus for and she blames Venus and Cupid for her despair resulting in them turning her into a leper. It was a pretty interesting lecture that was picked up on Wednesday (though I fell asleep on Wednesday’s lecture because I hadn’t slept the night before due to my throat). After class I went to the library, spent two hours writing last week’s blog and then went to Starbucks to try to finish the 400 and sum book The Talisman by Sir Walter Scott that I needed to have finished by Thursday for my Stories for Boys class (I still haven’t finished the bloody book). The highlight for Tuesday is not that my nose ran all day and by eleven I was officially sick and got no sleep but rather that I was able to stay awake during my treacherous 4:10 Literature and Scepticism class! This was due to a lot of coffee (I had had three cups throughout the day) and a delectably delicious ‘rocky road’ cupcake that I had gotten from Costa Coffee. Ooo it was so moist and chocolaty, though it destroyed my resolution to stop eating so many sweets (I basically gorged myself over break).

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday basically followed the same pattern of me walking up, talking two Tylenol cold and flu severe, lying in bed watching TV then getting up and dragging my fantastic sick self to class or my ALGs which I had on Wednesday and Friday. The defining highlight of Wednesday was my 11am Stories for Boys ALG in which only one other person showed up to! This was and infuriating moment for me because I felt absolutely terrible and just wanted to be back in bed rather than sitting in the ugly Appleton Tower café pretending I knew something about a book that I had only read less than a third of. Though it was sort of good that I had this ALG or else I would’ve ditched my Scottish lit. Lecture and it was good I didn’t because it was interesting…or the bit that I was awake for was interesting. Note: I do not usually fall asleep in lectures, in fact, I sit in the front row to influence me not to fall asleep; but Wednesday was just one of those days when I only realized I had fallen asleep when my head started to bob back and forth at which point I started awake only to pass out again seconds later. Thursday was a better day with regards to being able to lay around all day since my class wasn’t until 4:10, so by the time half three rolled around I was about as ready to go to class as one could be when their nose is oozing buckets of mucus and their throat feels like a knife has been stuck in it. Before class I confronted the rest of my ALG members and discovered that one of them hadn’t attended because he had been puking sick, the other said that she had been there but hadn’t seen us, and according to another classmate the fifth and final member of the group would never show up so we shouldn’t hold our breath. This class was much better than the introduction because we were now cut down to our final 15 (while the other 15 were in the 9am on Friday) and the conversation was very interesting because the book was interesting. Though I’m convinced that I sounded like a bit of a bumbling fool with a close pin clapped over their nose. The highlight of Friday was that it was the end of the week, which meant that I would get to spend my whole weekend sleeping and watching Sex and the City or one of the other DVDs I have with me. The day of Friday was uneventful, I went to my one o’clock Scottish lit. class then I went and met my Scepticism ALG to discuss Marlow’s Dr. Faustus which I have read before so didn’t read again. Another note: though this blog is overflowing with my confessions of not reading the texts that I should’ve read I do not nor will I ever suggest that others follow my lead. In fact, you should always read every text that the teacher assigns because not only will it make you look smart and give you more possibilities to write on when the essays come around but it will also make you look better to the professor because you will be able to talk intelligently about the text vs. sitting at the table with a confused look on your face while everyone else adds interesting things to the conversation.

So that was week 2, a deflated balloon when compared to the previous week, though I do feel I am forgetting something that was important…nope can’t remember anything else of importance. Ugh, what an annoyance last year I stuffed my planner with everything that I was doing and that had happened to me but this year when I have a giant planner specifically so I can write everything down I’ve written hardly anything down, typical.

With the weekend my cold has gotten better and on Saturday I evacuated my room for the fresh air and shops of Princes St. It was a lovely sunny and rather warm day (woo the weather is getting nicer!) and I was very successful with finding everything I had been looking for and I got my train tickets for London for the first weekend of March so I can escape the stress and darkness of Edinburgh for the relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere of my uncle’s. And even more important I got some stunningly beautiful pink and red tulips that make me think of Valentine’s Day, oh they are so gorgeous! Today I felt even better than yesterday and decided that I would spend my day actually being productive and spent about an hour reading my Stories for Boys book, The Coral Island by R.M. Ballantyne which though I was enjoying immensely I grew tired of by about two and once again evacuated my room for the outside world and the cheap pound stores like ‘Pound Land’ and ‘Pound Stretcher’ in which things are either a pound or less than four pounds. These are the stores to shop at; you can get things like Garnie Fruties or Dove for near two pounds instead of the usual four or more. This brings me to the second focus of this blog: New Year’s Resolutions.

As I was walking home today I was thinking about Bridget Jones’s Diary which I had watched the previous night and plan to watch later tonight. This got me thinking about New Year’s resolutions and how I always tell people that I don’t believe/ make them because as Michel De Montaigne says: “Anything that you can do another day can be done now”. Regardless of my outward declaration that New Year’s resolutions are foolish because if you wanted to change something you should do it right away versus waiting for the new year, I still make secret resolutions (sort of) to myself. These consist of the usual nonsense: lose weight, exercise more, obtain a boyfriend, get better grades, etc. But what I have discovered year after year after year from these secret resolutions is: I never ever follow them! Thing is I like my life the way that it is and when I make a resolution to try and change something it just makes me feel like I am lacking in some area when in reality I’m not. For instance, I like going to the gym and I am in pretty good shape (though the two cupcakes I had this week and ridiculous amounts of sweets and pastries I had over break have created a wee bit of a bump in my…good fitness), I am smart and usually get good grades, the only area that I seem to be floundering is with men (at least this year). But oh well I have fulfilled my ultimate goal of direct enrolling and being excepted to study for a year at the world’s top 15 school, the University of Edinburgh. Besides like Ghaz said in my christmas card: “Who needs men when you have chocolate”. Basically the point of this wee rant about New Year’s Resolutions is…well actually there isn’t much of a point I just wanted to add that in since New Year’s passed a bit ago and I hadn’t yet made any reference to it.



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