Going Out/ Clubbing

Saturday 13 December 2011

Blog XII: Going Out/ Clubbing


You cannot live in a city and not experience the night life, no matter how much of a hermit you are the night life must be seen and more than that, it must be seen more than once. You may recall my earlier blog titled ‘Fresher’s Week’ in which I described the terrible experience that I had going to the club Cabaret Voltaire and probably wrote something along the lines of: ‘club life isn’t for me’. Well I have gone out twice more after that and have discovered that not every club is like Cabaret, though a good deal of them are similar. After the horrid Cabaret experience I attended the club Silk and the club Why Not? (yeah I know stupid name and rather disappointing club).


The majority of the time, if you are not a clubbing and partying junky, everyone goes to the clubs over the weekend because it is a full night into the wee hours of the morning ordeal; but the clubs often have special nights so there is like a theme or something and those tend to fall on weekdays, this is what happened with Silk. I went to the club Silk, which is on Grassmarket street right underneath the castle mound, on an early October night with Ghaz and Paula because a acquaintance of theirs from the RMS was playing the African drums along with the DJ playing the regular club techno music. This was my favourite night out mostly because since it was on a weekday and Ghaz and Paula had early lectures the next day we were only going to stay until half one. The night started as most going out nights do, Ghaz and Paula took forever to get ready then we headed down to flat 9, or ‘the party flat’ as I like to call it because the residence are always going out and practically always hammered, for pre-drinks before heading off because some of the boys there wanted to join us. Since we were planning on returning home early Ghaz and Paula were trying to make sure we got to the club by about eleven so that we would get a full time of dancing and such and primarily get our five pounds admittance fee worth of fun (when it comes to going out I just follow them, which sometimes ends up being a bit of a poor decision since they are generally intoxicated while I am not). Finally both Paula and Ghaz began to get so antsy that they just decided we three would leave and if the others wanted to come than they could just show up later. So we informed the intoxicated individuals of the flat 9 kitchen that we were leaving and departed the flat to call the cab (it was a free cab ride if you said you were going to Silk that night). As we were waiting Ghaz decided she needed to go back to our flat for something and Paula decided to change her shoes so I was left to wait alone and hold the cab when it came. As I waited those from the kitchen of Flat 9 began to funnel out of the entrance of the building, I guess they had decided that they wanted to join us. So when the girls returned us three piled in the cab with one of the boys while the others waited for another cab. Turns out that the boys were right when they told us back before we left; it was too early to leave. The club had just opened and no one was there, it was actually a bit creepy. So we all headed to a pub about a block away for more alcohol and after about thirty minutes we returned to Silk, which now had a line, and since we had already paid and got stamps we bypassed the line and went right in. Silk is a pretty nice club, there are three dance floors and three bars and they play pretty good music, I was surprised to discover that I was actually enjoying myself. The mixture of the drums with the music was really cool as well, I was happy about that since it was the only reason I went. Before I knew it the time was half one and we were all ready to go home, so we (Ghaz, Paula, and I) informed the boys that we were leaving and started the short walk back to the flats. Of the three clubs I’ve gone to Silk was my favourite mostly because it was clean and I didn’t feel like I could catch and STD just standing in the room.


My liking of the club Why Not? is probably seriously skewed by the fact that I went there on Halloween and not only was it crowded to an uncomfortable point but everyone was so drunk it was surprising that they could even stand (and one girl no longer could and took a rather hilarious fall on the dance floor). Since it was Halloween things were a bit different than usual, first and foremost everyone drank about ten times more than they usually seem to. Pre-drinks this time started in my flat with Paula, Ghaz, and Me (of course us three) and two others. We than gathered one of Paula’s flatmates and her boyfriend from their flat before venturing over to the catered accommodation of Pollock where more medics were met and more drinks were gulped down. By about this time I had already started to fade, I had really wanted to do something for Halloween and was over the moon when Ghaz had asked me earlier to go out with them but since all we were doing was sitting around I was starting to nod off a bit, the only downside to not drinking and it’s really not much of a downside. Anyway, finally about half eleven everyone decided that it was time to go to the club. So we went outside and all piled into a cab, which was really funny to watch because everyone was so drunk, in fact one of our party was so intoxicated that he missed the seat in the cab and fell on the floor. After about a three minute cab drive we arrived at the club Why Not?, which is a block up from Princes St. which was completely packed, which I’ve already mentioned. Though I suppose that most likely every club was packed, I mean its Halloween and trick-or-treating is rather inappropriate after the age of 16, probably younger, so all the college kids go out instead. My feeling towards Why Not? are similar to that of Cabaret Voltaire, not a big fan; the floors were sticky, there were too many people, the multitude of different lights were nauseating, the placement of the smoke machine was stupid (people were getting hit in the sprayed in the face and mouth with the stuff, not a good way to avoid vomiting on the dance floor). On the bright side there was a good music selection, I was a bit worried when I walked in and they were playing songs from Grease but things quickly got better they even played ‘Ghostbusters’, but it was after midnight when the DJ put that on so it was no longer Halloween but I was probably the only one who noticed. Though the music was good the other aspects of the club were starting to get to me and at about one I was so exhausted and claustrophobic that I separated from my drunken group and found a seat away from the dance floor where I remained for about twenty minutes arguing with myself about whether or not I should just head back by myself because I would never last until three. Finally I got up and told Ghaz that I was leaving, which turned out to be a good plan because I barely had the energy to take off my costume when I got home before I passed out on my bed.

I have decided that I actually enjoy going out, though not all the time, and am really itching to go out next term since the last time I was out was Halloween, I just need to do shots of coffee while everyone else does shots of vodka.