Ghaz’s Birthday

Saturday 11 December 2011

Blog X: Ghaz’s 19th Birthday

Monday (5 November) was my flatmate, Ghaz’s 19th birthday. At the beginning of term she had talked about going to the club ‘Why Not?’ where we had gone for Halloween. But as the term drew to an end she decided that it was too close to exams to go out, so we (mostly me but also Ghaz and Paula) decided that we would go to the German Market and have a lovely night enjoying the multitudes of food and go on the Ferris wheel after dark to see the city lit up. Though to be honest Ghaz didn’t seem too keen on this idea and she decided that instead of going to the German market we would just go down to Flat 6 (our RA Andy and Katie’s flat) for their ‘Minced Pies and Mulled Wine in Flat 6’ party for an unspeakable reason that, unfortunately, involved me. On the morning of her birthday I got up extra early to ensure that Ghaz got her present, a nice little bracelet, before going to the Hugh Rob. (a computer lab of some sort) to study. As the day wore on I went to the gym and then came home to get ready to spend my evening celebrating Ghaz’s birthday in flat 6 with minced pies and mulled wine. But while at the gym I got three incomprehensible texts from Ghaz that read as follows:

Wagamama for 7? I’ll be home before, but Carl Kai Jack and Juliet were going to come so made it late enough? We’ll still get to the mince pies…X

Oh btw Kaitlyn Carl Kai and Jack are on our course and Juliet is just a mate from Pollock J

And Abhinav and maybe the girls from flat 23 J

I re-read these texts about five times before concluding that I wouldn’t be able to make hid or hair of them any time soon so I just responded that I had no clue what she meant and told her to just knock on my door when she got home. Later that night while in the kitchen with my other flatmates, Amanda and Lindsay, we were discussing the questionable comments Ghaz had made on Facebook and I read them out her texts which were just as bizarre as her Facebook posts. We finally concluded that she must be drunk or intoxicated in some way. Right at that moment Ghaz and two girls from her Karate society walked in and she explained that Wagamama was a restaurant that we were all going to dinner at, though this explained the texts she still seemed to be acting a bit odd. I’ve since concluded that it was just birthday excitement. As more of Ghaz’s guests started to arrive to our flat before we all headed to the restaurant, I went into my room to grab my coat and purse when I realized that I didn’t have my watch. At that terrible moment it dawned on me that my watch had fallen out of my pocket in the locker at the gym. I was so distressed at this that I rushed into the kitchen and frantically asked if anyone knew the number for the gym. Ghaz quickly looked it up and I immediately rushed back into my room to call them to ask if anyone had found it. They were no help. All they told me was that I needed to come in to claim it even though there was a possibility that it hadn’t even been turned in. I felt terrible because not only had I foolishly lost my watch (which is a very nice and rather expensive watch) but I had also just destroyed the present opening part of Ghaz’s birthday by busting into the kitchen and making the moment about me. Worst of all, I was so distressed about losing my watch that I wasn’t sure that I would be able to enjoy Ghaz’s birthday, I felt that my anger at myself would just wreck the whole night because I would be in a pissy mood. Luckily this didn’t happen because I immediately called my mom and she instantly calmed me down so within ten minutes I had gone from distressed wreck to joyful birthday goer. (The following morning I went to the gym and some lovely individual had found my watch and turned it in. Such a thing would never happen in the States, someone would’ve taken it and run, but here the people are very considerate and kind). With my reappearance in the kitchen it was decided that we would all head down to flat 6 before going to the restaurant because we were waiting on the last few people and the pictures of the homemade minced pies that Katie had put on Facebook just looked too good to pass up. So the seven or so of us filed out of the flat and journeyed down to the main level and flat 6. Katie and Andy had decorated their kitchen so nicely that I felt like we were in a different building. Not only was their kitchen warm (which ours never is because a) we are on the third floor and b) the three vents in the kitchen let in all the cold air which just blows away and sucks up the small bit of warmth given off by the heater) but they also had Christmas lights and tinsel set up, it was very lovely. But most importantly, the minced pies were fantastic and the mulled wine (though I don’t drink I did try a sip of Lindsay’s because I was curious about the taste) was very enjoyable. We spent about thirty minutes or so in the flat and while there I discovered that the only way Andy will every really remember me is as the girl who was terrified by the mouse, ugh. We were talking about the other mouse incidents we’ve been having since the first one when Andy came to my rescue and I was telling the story about how Ghaz had decided to scare me be informing me there was a mouse in the kitchen and I was saying how freaked out Ghaz was when Andy popped in and said “you were pretty freaked out by the mouse”. Thank you Andy, the bloody thing was in my room! But anyway, at about half seven maybe eight, Ghaz and us party goers decided that we should get going and we left Lindsay and the girls from flat 20 or something to enjoy the warmth, mulled wine, minced pies, and RA company.

We got to the restaurant, which was all the way on the other side of Princes St. on Lothian Rd., so about a twenty/thirty minute walk, about half eight and met the rest of the party (in total there were twelve of us). We were all seated soon after arriving and put in our orders quickly after that, but the food could not come fast enough. By the time the food arrived, I was the last to get served, it was about 9pm and I was absolutely starved. In fact, the three other girls that I was sitting with at the end of the table were similarly starved so when our food finally arrived all conversation stopped and all our focus was on eating. The food was very good and surprisingly reasonably priced. Dinner was followed by a ‘Caterpillar Cake’ which is apparently a big thing over here; everyone has a Caterpillar cake at least once for their birthday; I quickly understood why, it was delicious! It was a chocolate cake covered in hard milk chocolate with M&Ms on top, yum! The night then quickly drew to a close with everyone heading their separate ways home (it was after ten after all). Though Ghaz and I sat with Paula for a while in her kitchen just chatting but then at half eleven we decided to call it a night and headed back to our flat where we separated and went to bed.