Holiday Thoughts

The semester is drawing to a close, and people are beginning to disappear. Some are leaving just for break, but others have completed their time in Edinburgh and are heading back to wherever it is that they hail from. It is sad and strange to see friends who I have spent the last three and a half months with vanish without the prospect of return. I’m trying to fit in as much time with everyone as I can before people filter out. Saying goodbye has made me so endlessly glad that I signed on to be here for the full year instead of just a semester. One semester would have been far too short, and leaving now would have felt like a tease, as if I were letting myself glimpse this amazing life and these wonderful people only to have them snatched away right when I felt most at home. It is already hard to think about how heartbroken I will be come June, but for now I am just grateful that I have another six months here. I imagine it would have been hard to really connect if I had chosen to be here for only a semester, knowing that I would have to say goodbye so soon. Yes, nine months is an expiration date in itself, but at the moment it feels far away. Instead of having to pack my bags and say adieu, I am preparing for the lovely things to come over break!

These include but are not limited to:

Reading for pleasure (*gasp!*)

Spending a week in Barcelona!

Hopefully writing a play… or three…

Spending Christmas in Scotland

Moving in with various friends

Baking Christmas cookies

Eating latkes for Hanukah

Playing my penny whistle as loud as I want to without making my flatmates hate me

…I love the holidays.

Yesterday, my flatmates and I had an early Christmas gift exchange and celebration. Leila baked an amazing raspberry cake, and our four foot tall, artificial christmas tree was surrounded by a stack of wrapped gifts. I sewed each of them a present– a personalized apron for Leila, an infinity scarf for Jenny, and a stuffed animal for Sarah. I was pretty pleased with how they each came out, and I love giving people handmade gifts. As for my presents, the three of them got me a onesie (which I am wearing as I write this) and numerous tiny bottles of whiskey. SO EXCITED. I will now be spending break onesie-clad and whiskey drunk, hopefully in a blanket fort surrounded in books and crumpled poems. That is really my idea of paradise.

I will never stop wearing this. Never.

On that note, I’ll leave you with my favorite, very easy and very scrumptious recipe: Honey Beer Bread!

This recipe does not belong to me, but I follow the instructions on this link I found and it comes out delicious. I often find that I have to bake it for a bit longer than the directions say. Also, if you are living outside America, the bottle sizes will likely differ, so make sure you are using the equivalent of 12 ounces of beer, and be aware that the measurements listed here are in American measurement units.

Wooo honey beer bread! It’s the best!