Skye Blue Skye

Before we launch into the main topic of today’s entry, I would like to bring to your attention the following image, which lists the google searches that brought readers to this blog on one given day:

Apparently you are currently reading the latest in scientific research regarding baffled felines. Makes sense.

Anyway, on the the point.

This weekend marked my first Grand Excursion: my flatmates and I ventured six hours north to the Isle of Skye. It was a surprisingly affordable journey given the distance– over the whole weekend, I spent about 150 pounds, which covered my portion of the rental car fee, gas money, two nights in a hostel, food, camera batteries, a dram of Talisker whisky, an illustration of some deer, and a cardigan sweater.

(Side note: while purchasing said cardigan, the cashier squinted at me and the following exchange ensued: “You are aware that is a mens‘ sweater,” she said.”Uhh…” I said. “That’s fine?” She looked at me silently for a moment, “Are you sure you want this?” “…yes?” She continued to judge me and my femininity as she rang it up. Most awkward sweater purchase I have ever made.)

We stayed in the tiny seaside village of Portree in a rather nice hostel called the Portree Independent Hostel. Portree itself is quite void of any particular excitement, consisting of only a few shops and restaurants, but it has a lovely harbor with a picturesque stretch of pastel buildings sprawled along the water’s edge.

The most lively event that the town granted us definitely came from walking into a pub over-crowded with locals and being met by an elderly Scotsman, who, in a state of severe inebriation, proceeded holler a bit and do a little dance which he informed me was his magical method of guessing where people hail from without asking them. It was his gift, apparently. “Yer from London!” he coughed at me.

Spot on.

On Saturday, we ventured into the mountains. It grows dark at around 4 pm these days, so we decided to see as much as we could before dark by driving up through the hills and stopping every couple minutes to frolic about. It was absolutely stunning– the sun was sharp, the sky blue (for once!), and the world was sprawled out below us, bright and raw like open heart surgery. This is one of those “show don’t tell” types of things, so here are some photographs:

Saturday night was Guy Faux night, so we went to a fireworks display over a castle. On Sunday, we journeyed back, visiting another castle along the way:


It was a really lovely trip. There was flat mate bonding, belting Total Eclipse of the Heart in the car while deftly avoiding the sheep sprinkled across the road, dancing on mountaintops and chatting in cafes. The Isle of Skye is one of the more breathtaking places I have been– pure and open, the mountains dissolving into the clouds above.

I can’t wait for my next adventure!





  1. Christina Kaltoft says:

    – sounds like a great adventure! Btw. found your blog after searching for people studying in Edinburgh.. and I absolutely love it! I’m from Copenhagen, and I’m applying to go study there next fall.. so hope I’ll be able to! Everytime I’m reading your blog.. I’m almost packing my things!

    Looking forward to read more about your experiences!

    Love Christina Kaltoft
    ps. awesome pics!!

    1. ggennarose says:

      Hi Christina,
      Thanks for writing, I’m so glad you like the blog! It’s neat to know that people from across the world are reading it. Good luck with your application, I hope you are able make it here next fall– then you can have Edinburgh adventures of your own!

  2. Hasan says:

    Im absolutely in love with your kidding :p
    found your blog after searching for people studying in scotland. Its a beautiful place…mostly because i love the castles, the landscapes and culture there. Really looking forward to reading more posts 🙂
    p.s: i’ll be applying to edinburgh for sure after im done with my A’levels

    1. ggennarose says:

      Hey thanks, I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog! And yeah, I agree- Scotland is pretty great!

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