The Sunday Roast

The final step of my British-isation (did you notice I used an “s” instead of a “z”?) is upon me.  I am attempting the ultimate in weekly traditions: the cooking of the Sunday roast.  The Roast is an institution in the UK.  Friends and family gather on the day of rest to relax and have a nice, early dinner.  The roast chicken is the main attraction, though it is usually accompanied by roasted potatoes and some kind of veg.  I decided to make my own, very student-y version for myself and a few friends.

I bought a nice large chicken from Sainsbury’s as well as about a pound of sweet potatoes and salad.  The chicken had to be cooked in my miniscule, microwave/oven.  Surprisingly, it turned out alright, though I had to keep checking the time.  I also did my famous (at least I like to think so) sweet potato chips.  I cut them in long strips and covered them with a little olive oil and salt, then popped them in the oven.  Unfortunately the temperature is very hard to control in a microwave/oven, so they turned out slightly burned.  Still, they tasted pretty good, just slightly crispy.  I’m not very good at presentation.  I hoped my guests would understand.  I unfolded the dining room table and scrounged a few chairs (one lucky guest got to sit in my rolling desk chair).  The food was good and the company was even better.  They later admitted that the chips tasted much better than they looked.