Re-Fresher’s Week

It’s the end of my third week back in Edinburgh. I’ll admit I was a bit apprehensive about returning. It’s always difficult to leave home. Fortunately, I felt bolstered by the fact that this time I’d be coming to Edinburgh with some understanding of what to expect. When I arrived in September, I had no idea of what classes would be like or what kind of people I’d meet. Luckily, I’ve come a long way since then. I’ve made really good friends, and seeing them again was like a big, exciting reunion.

In September, I believe I mentioned a little thing called “Fresher’s Week.” Well, the first week of second term is cleverly known as “Re-Fresher’s Week,” and it’s a fantastic time of general celebration. Everyone is giddy and excited to see each other again. There’s a line around the block at most of the clubs on George Street, Edinburgh’s nightlife hub.

As I settle back into classes and general life, it almost feels too easy. My schedule is quite fair (especially because by some miracle I only have 2 days each week of actual class) and I find myself with spare time–a radical concept, and a luxury that allows me to explore new activities. I’m hoping to volunteer at Edinburgh’s City Farm, a farm that (no surprise here) is located close to the centre of town, and aims to provide local, seasonal food to the city’s inhabitants. Stay tuned to find out what else I get up to.