The Party’s Over (mostly…)

These are the two weeks that everyone wanders around bleary eyed and wired from too much coffee.  Papers are due, and most students (myself included) prefer to wait until the night before to begin working.  On top of work, there are just so many fun things to do all the time.

Yesterday I turned in a history paper at exactly 11:59 (it was due at noon).  To take a break before starting the next one, which is due in a few days, my friends and I went to the wine society’s weekly tasting.

This was my third attempt to get in to one of the tastings (they’re really popular) and I was finally successful.  For only 5 pounds, I got to taste eight superb Italian wines.  A sommelier from a local restaurant came to answer our questions and explain the finer points of each wine.  The tasting lasted almost 2 hours, and I’ll leave you to imagine the state we were in by the end of it.

Please excuse the miniscule length of this post – I really must start that essay now.